We can design a schedule that meets the individual needs of your pets. Contact WalkOn to discuss your pet care needs.

New client are assessed a one-time service charge of $35 for initial consultation and file update.

20 Minute: $18

Private Dog Walk or Backyard Break

30 Minute: $22

Private Dog Walk

45 Minute: $36

Private Dog Walk

Does your fellow dog owner neighbor work all day too?
Sign your dogs up to walk together and receive 20% off the daily rate.
* Rates subject to change without notice.

Refer a friend and receive $20 off your next service.

Overnight Pet Sitting  $90

WalkOn Overnight Pet Sitting ensures that your dog will be happy and healthy while you’re away from home. An overnight pet sitter is an excellent alternative to keeping your dog in a kennel, which can be a very stressful experience for a dog. Our loving and responsible caregivers will be with your dogs for a minimum of 12 hours overnight. Your dog will receive a 30-minute walk in the morning, a 30-minute visit mid-day and a 30-minute walk in the evening. Potty breaks before bedtime will be provided as needed as well. Our sitter will check out at 11am the last morning of the pet sit. If you would like your pet sitter to stay later than 11am you may book a dog walk or be charged for another full day.

There is no additional charge for feedings, medicine administration, plant watering, taking in the mail or taking out the trash. If you need us to stay with your dog more than the 12 hours overnight and the three dog walks per day, additional hours are available upon request. With WalkOn Overnight Pet Sitting, you will have peace of mind confident that your dog is being cared for safely in your home while receiving heaps of love and attention.

Contact WalkOn to discuss your pet sitting needs.

Kitties Only Pet Sitting $40

WalkOn Kitties Only Pet Sitting is for those independent minded felines in your life. They know best how to take care of themselves as long as someone, keeps the food in the bowl and their litter box clean. They can handle the rest! Our experienced, loving pet sitters understand the mercurial nature of kitties and give them either the space they need or the cuddles they demand. Your kitty will receive two visits a day from pet sitters, once in the morning and again in the late afternoon or early evening.

Additional small pets, such as mice, fish, and small birds may be included in the service at no additional charge depending on the level of care required. Do you have plants that need watering? Mail that needs collecting? No problem and no extra charge.

Contact WalkOn to discuss your kitty sitting needs.