The Fashion-Forward Dog

By Beth Hamill

It may be the deepest divide between dog lovers — and the most unbridgeable. As a dog walker serving northern Virginia, I’ve seen the reactions first-hand.

Some dog people cringe – not just inwardly – whenever they see a dog in booties or a jacket. Others have a closet full of fashion statements to match every mood in any season. The variety and ingenuity of these fashion accessories is simply astounding, as a trip to the clothing section of any large pet store readily demonstrates. They really have that for a dog???

Yes, they do, and more.

It’s definitely a thing.

No less an arbiter of taste and trends than Martha Stewart has hosted her own dog fashion show, highlighting the Martha Stewart Pet Collection, which includes a fleece jacket complete with hood. And that’s not all. Poke around her website and you’ll find videos on outerwear, fashions knits, and much more. All for dogs. And that’s just from Martha Stewart.

Yeah, it’s definitely a thing. And for devotees, it’s an absolute delight. More power to them!

I don’t have any statistical evidence to back me up, but the canine fashion parade seems to feature more toy dogs and other smaller breeds. Maybe it’s because these dogs are easier to dress than their bigger, floppier counterparts. Especially at Halloween!

Practical matters. You don’t have to be a devotee of dog fashion to recognize that some dogs, in some conditions, really are more comfortable with protective clothing. 

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